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Why Organic Cotton?

21 April 2017


This World Earth Day we're reflecting on why using organic cotton matters. 

The alternative, conventional cotton, takes a much heavier toll on the earth than you might know. Conventional cotton occupies only 3 percent of the world’s farmland but uses 25 percent of the world’s chemical pesticides and fertilisers. This is a massive problem; making cotton is the second most pesticide-laden crop in the world, after coffee. These neurotoxins are not just impacting our planet, and are causing lasting problems to the health of many.

Organic cotton farms, on the other hand, are very different. Working environments are much better for farmworkers. And,  as small-scale farmers can save money by not having to buy a large amount of pesticides, they can invest more in the people who work on the farm and increasing their production.

Consumers benefit too, reports suggest that organic cotton products are kinder and easier on your skin. And because of the high quality of the cotton, garments keep their shape and softness for longer, wash after wash, and so last longer and get more use.

We are all changing the way we spend our money. Conscious consumerism is changing the way we think about our purchases, we’ve begun to ask ourselves the questions:

    •    Where does it come from?

    •    Who made it?

    •    Under what conditions?

    •    What will happen to it when I’m done?

    •    Where do the profits go?

How good does it feel to buy a lovely gift and know it was made with care? How good does it feel to know that those who picked the cotton do not have to worry about what’s been sprayed on the crop? The answer is very good! 

Thanks to more and more people wanting to buy organic, organic cotton acreage is growing all over the world. Here at From Babies with Love you can enjoy adorable baby clothes safe in the knowledge that they are all made from GOTS certified organic cotton, and we think that's a pretty great thing!