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From Babies Harvest

2 September 2015


The summer may be coming to an end, but with autumn approaching there’s plenty to celebrate.

The park becomes an explosion of red, orange and yellow colour bursts, the trees are ripe with apples and conkers and the colder air comes infused with the smell bonfire’s smoke.

We’re particularly excited about the launch of our first own-brand clothing range set to launch on this site very soon, and to celebrate we’ve taken inspiration from the new season.

Initial thoughts of fall celebrations involve Halloween or Bonfire’s Night, but we’ve decided to take a more holistic approach and celebrate harvest time.

Most of us will have fond memories of harvest time as kids at school.

Rummaging around our parents’ cupboards for tins of food and boxes of cereal to take into school for the harvest festival was an exciting yet incredibly simple experience for most children.

Cans of spam, baked beans, boxes of tea and Shredded Wheat were stacked up and turned into temporary alters against a backdrop of leaf and corn-based art. 

Like Thanksgiving in the US, this assembly typically used to focus on where our produce came from and for being grateful for what we have.

Does the harvest festival still exist in schools today? Is there still room in the calendar for a festival that celebrates seasonal produce when you can get most of it throughout the year in all major supermarket chains?

We’d be interested to read your thoughts on harvest time across our Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter channels where we will be hosting a virtual harvest festival.  

As part of this celebration we’ll be sharing fashion, recipe, activity and craft ideas as well as launching competitions that celebrate the harvest season.

Happy Harvest Time!

From Babies with Love x