All profits go around the world to help abandoned children.

Child Protection

From Babies with Love respects the privacy of all the children it supports, which is especially important as the children are vulnerable, many exposed to violent situations.

It is important that From Babies with Love does not share any information that could put a child at risk, including information that could enable a child to be identified or found.

Therefore From Babies with Love does not share:

- Photos of the children. The images of children on our Story page are children that have been or are cared for by SOS Children’s Villages, but they are not photos of the specific children receiving our support.

- The real names of the children. We have researched names that are popular in the countries the children live and given a new name to all the individual children we support. We have come to know of the children with these new names and when we’re thinking of them, and throughout our work, that’s how we refer to them.

- The specific locations of the children. We share the countries the children are from, but we do not share any specific geographical information.

- Any protected information, such as religion, sexual orientation, political beliefs, health, personal or private information about the children.