All profits go around the world to help abandoned children.



SOS Children's Villages is an international charity that creates communities for children who have nobody to turn to. The children are cared for by their SOS Mother; they live in family homes in dedicated children's village with their SOS brothers and sisters.

From Babies with Love helps over 2,000 children by supporting village nursery schools, where babies and toddlers begin their early years education, and supporting individual children to grow up in SOS families. 

For example, in Chipata, in Eastern Zambia, around one in six of all children are orphans, compared to one in 12 in the general population.

The Chipata Children's Village nursery cares for around 90 little ones; there are three groups of 30 children; two nannies and an assistant care-giver for each group. The daily routine is just like the nurseries we’re used to; an 8am start, nap-time after lunch, indoor and outdoor play everyday. This allows the children to begin their education, whilst having fun and playing games with others their own age.